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Saturday, April 3, 2010'

Went to Pulau Ubin, like I don't remmeber when...
(More on my FB)

Kyle, Nic, Vince and Me:)
Renting bikes for the day:)
Big fish I "caught":)
Fish Spa Therapy, itchy and funny:)
Old School houses and pretty nice People:)
YEAH! Buy a drink lar!:)
Leaving the island:)
Beautiful getaway:)

Drinking session at my place:)
Playing Texas, n drinking by the cups:)
Shan thinks he has sexy abs:)
Shit cigars i bought, totally shit!:(

Hello everyone:)
I'm back:)
Had fun and all:)
But sometimes fun will eventually come to a stop...
Well, I feel funnily empty...
There's so much things in my heart that I keep to myself...
I wanna just shout it all out...
There's too much scats n shits in my head...
Sometimes I wish I weren't even born...
Brought pain to people who loves me and cared for me...
And still I never learnt...
But people only realise their mistakes only until it's too late...
Sometimes u did the right thing, but u still u get reprimanded n shits like that...
Why is that so?
Its because all the shits that u've done in the past, makes u unworthy of people's trust...
N its so hard to get it back...
I feel Fucked up, really...
I just wanna sleep...
Sleep my life away...
Never to wake up to face this cruel world filled with hypocrites and people full of shit...
No one else can see, there is a patience in the martyr in me...
Sorry peeps, just wanna let some of the shits in my head out...
If only I'm like this candle, burns out n never again flamed... If only...

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With Love, 10:20 PM

Sunday, March 14, 2010'

Hey peeps:D
Been long, n I apologize for not blogging:(
Ok, today's a short post:D
One of my friend sent me this "thing" about horoscopes, n I wold really love to show it to u guys:D

CANCER - The Beauty
MOST AMAZING KISSER. Very high appeal. A Cancer's Love is one of a kind.. Very romantic.. Most caring person you will ever meet in your life. Entirely creative Person, most are artists and insane, respectfully speaking. They perfected sex and do it often. Extremely random. An Ultimate Freak. Extremely funny and is usually the life of the party. Most Cancers will take you under their wing and into their hearts where you will remain forever. Cancers make love with a passion beyond compare. Spontaneous. Not a Fighter, But will kick your ass good if it comes down to it.

(I didn't know i had such high appeal!:D Sorry, just making myself feel better:D)

I find the Horoscope thing a lil true:D
A passionate lover:D
The Life of the party:D
My mum's gonna be SOO
OO proud!:D
Ok lar, enough of crap...Let's see some pictures:D

Like i told u so, "The Most Amazing Kisser":D Even Pekki can't resist me:D
Yujie, me n Pekki:D
Yujie n I:D
Kyle and Nicholas:D
Sharmaine N Kyle:D
Shannon and Hubert:D

Just went out n have some fun:D
ZR was also there, did take pictures...
But my phone's camera is really sucky!:(
So, next time:D
Well, thats about it my peeps:D

Prick your fingers it is done
The moon has now eclipsed the sun
The angel has spread its wings
The time has come for bitter things`(x2)

The time has come it is quite clear
Our Antichrist is almost here
The time has come it is quite clear
Our Antichrist is almost here`


With Love, 7:30 PM

Tuesday, February 16, 2010'

Hello everyone:D
I'm back:D
My apologies for not blogging often:D
Cause I'm lazy:(
No wonder they say fat people are lazy, i totally agree:D
Well, Chinese New Year's over...
But i wanna wish everyone a great year ahead, and ever year got fish:D
Okay, so I've been doing alot of craps during the new year...
And i can't talk for nuts...
So, let the pictures do the talking:D
Like people say, actions speaks louder than words:D
This time though, there's a slight difference...
I took videos, so if u guys are free or feeling bored after jacking in front of the com:D
Spent some time watching it:D
Much appreciated:D

Izat and I, taken a long way back:D
Ching May and I eating Chua Bing:D
Tom n Toms, great place to sit n chill n have some lil snacks:D
Oreo Cheesecake:D
Yee Boon and Vince:D YB must miss his hair:(
The 3 punks:D
I know Mars look scary in real life, now i know she look worse w face mask:(

1st day of Chinese New Year:D
Got pics of lion dance, but then it wasn't clear, so Fuck it:D

Mars n I:D
Mars n I having breakfast at Bombay's Cafe, vegetarian dishes:D
Ching Wen and I:D

Went drinking at night:D
At Beach Cabana:D

Ching May n Mars:D
Ching May n I:D
Playing poker:D

2nd day of Chinese New Year:D

Alex n I having lunch at the Japanese Village shit at Iluma:D
Sexy ain't it?:D The Wagyu beef was damn Fuck good:D
Alex n I:D

In the night, went to Jarrel's place n drink and have some pizzas:D
Then went to Orchard Ion to drink more at Gustimos:D

This bottle holder's sexy ain't it?:D

Okay, we're done with the pictures:D
Let's go to the videos:D
Don't get mad with us if it ruins ur ears and shatter ur windows:(
I know it's a lil thick skinned...
But who cares?!:D
My face, my blog, ur choice:D
WARNING:No children or gramps with sensitive ears... Any inconvenience caused is totally not our business:D

Untitled - Hubert and I

Gan Mei Mei - Solo

Faint - Hubert and I

Ai Dao Di - Solo

Okay, that's all my good people:D
Gotta go:D
Enjoy ur stay here:D
Adoise Amigoes``


With Love, 11:29 PM

Saturday, January 9, 2010'

Hello people:D
Long time no blog:D
I know u guys miss me and been asking me to blog and all:D
So here I am:D
Well, life's been good and at the same time bad for me:D
Well, problems always arise, but it will be solved eventually...
But in the process, loved ones and even urself get hurt or affected by it...
So it's really about urself walking hard:D
Be strong, be independent, do it for no one else, but urself:D
Alright alright, enough talk:D
I know u guys can't wait to check out pics:D
Do enjoy loves:D

Pictures not in order, but just Fuck it:D
Mars n I:D
Showing off her Holga:D
Mars and Jarrel:D
The trios:D
Kenny(Happy) Feet:D
I love French Fries:D
Teng Ah Bear:D
Matt and Yujie Jorge:D
SX, Yujie and TS:D
Eileen, TS and Me:D
Ts and Me:D
Fucking $22 chicken rice at Mandarin Hotel:(
Vain pox:D
Sharmaine and I:D
Mars and Sharmaine:D
Pool girl:D
Izat, my babi, my love:D
Crazy 1:D
Crazy 2:D
Fucking burger as big as ur face at Gustimo at Orchard Ion:D
The 2 doveys:D
Act cool:(
Much cooler:D
Family Photo:D
Me n future bro-in-law(i guess):D
Ching Wen n Ching Na:D Lovees me kazens!!!:D
Never feed me:(
Escargots(snails), Taste wierd, but quite okay:D
Left to Right: Matt(Bass), Darren(2nd Guitarist), Me(Vocalist), Sharil(Drummer):D
Not in picture: Nigel(Lead Guitarist):(
Jiamin and Ai Jia:D, went for the ECP outing.. Phone ran out of batt(!@#$%^&), so sorry:(
Pepsi:D How cute:D
Tony Stark(Iron Man):D
Jarrel and Me:D
The sumo's carrying his balls, I'm carrying mine:D
Dining at Lido Palace:D
Yo, cool people:D
Happy 2010 people:D Good luck with ur future endeavours:D Even though it's a lil late:D

Alrights people, that's about it:D
Oh, and erm... I'm currently studying at Simei ITE:D
I've passed only 4, so no choice:(
I've used to fail all subjects...
Only until i started studying during Mid-Year...
I find that it's really a big break through...
But maybe the time isn't right and I only realised studying is important until it's too late...
But it's okay, pick up from where i left off:D
So buck up people:D
Loves to all:D
Happy 2010 to all:D
Oh yeah, n erm, Yvonne, u know what to do:D
All rights``
Adiose Amigos`:D


With Love, 9:53 PM


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